Ends bring new beginnings

Saturday, April 4th – The past couple of days have been full of emotions and we had to take the tough decision to stop our biking trip. The situation regarding the spread of covid-19 in East Texas and Louisiana is very concerning. We recognized that it was not safe to continue. Our last night of camping was at the Holiday Trav-L-Park in Del Rio, TX, and it was wonderful. We were welcomed by RVers living there since the main office was closed. Eddie, an RVer and also a nurse gave us masks she had sewed (some Texas towns are giving fines to people not covering their mouths). Lynn and Whitney (two RVers) came with their golf cart to welcome us as we were setting up our tents and gave us hamburgers, cookies and a lot of strong hand sanitizer (enough to start a small business on the side). Other local RVers came to chat with us during the evening and it was such a warm night (temperature wise and human wise). I got reconciled with Texas. After a great night of sleep, we biked our last 8miles to the rental car company, rented a minivan for 5 days, put the bikes in the back and started our road trip home (~2460 miles/ 3958 km from Del Rio, TX to Bar Harbor, ME). Yesterday (Friday, April 3rd), we drove from Del Rio, TX to Lawton, OK and spend the night in a nice hotel. We are avoiding big cities and taking no-risk by washing our hands constantly, using hand sanitizer after handling cash or after refueling the tank. Today, we made it to the state of Missouri and we find gas as cheap as $1,24 for a gallon (3,78 liters). Cheers to a new beginning !

Fun fact (also TMI): a few miles before reaching the RV park, we stopped on the side of the road for bladder emptying. I went behind the guard rail, the semi-trucks going by couldn’t see me but the patrol border truck parked not so far from us could definitely see me. He drove by us, stopped and asked he everything was okay. I made eye contact and said « everything’s fine », he seemed a little embarrassed. The little joys of the road.

Our new vehicle for the next 2000 miles, Del Rio TX
The things you find on the road
Eagle nest canyon between Langtry, TX and Del Rio, TX
Texas sunset are simply stunning
El Rio Grande
DQ stop! Road trip calories don’t count…
Oklahoma state tree: red bud
Tasting the local flowers
Thrift store in Tulsa, OK
Route 66
Keeping the hobby alive
The outskirts of Tulsa, Oklahoma
The things you see on the road
New state
The things you see on the road
Heading to Illinois

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom Lee says:

    So proud, so impressed with your wise decision. And, looking forward to your safe and speedy return. You’ve accomplished so much and should focus on the mileage done not the ones yet to be covered…someday, perhaps!? Love to you all. Tom


  2. Charity Kenyon says:

    wow! Congratulations! Thanks for taking us all along!


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