No county for independent women


Tuesday, March 31st – While biking, if the wind is not too loud or we are not on a busy road, I enjoy listening to podcasts. I am currently listening to one called « No country for young women » from the BBC about fitting in for minorities, where is home and other interesting contents (it may or may not have inspired the title of this post). Yesterday (March 30th), we arrived at the end of the day in Alpine, TX in the Brewster county. Well apparently this county doesn’t allow strangers to stay at hotels or RVs parks anymore due to Covid-19. We asked an RV park to stay for a night and were refused by fear of being fined and a biker hotel that wasn’t sure what to do with us so they called the police to ask if they could rent us a room. The chief of police could have said over the phone « no they cannot stay » but instead he came to « check us out » (probably wasn’t used to seeing independent women or was bored or something) and then told us very condescendingly that we weren’t supposed to travel, haven’t we heard of the virus ? All that without keeping his 6 feet recommended safety distance . Well, we weren’t very impressed by the hospitality of Alpine, Tx. We camped 8 miles outside of the town on a picnic area and probably got checked out by border patrol around 9pm. The place was actually beautiful and we saw a marvelous sunset and a stunning sunrise. This morning (March 31st), we were in a hurry to leave this county and biked almost 80 miles to get out of it. We got a nice lunch in Marathon at the French Grocer, an adorable convenient store that had delicious croissants (I bought 3, ate them all and was a very happy girl for the rest of the day). Sam the manager gave us free yogurts. Not all was bad in the Brewster county. We are now in another county, camping in Canyons RV park in Sanderson, Tx. Showering was great and dinner was wonderful. We had instant mashed potatoes (roasted garlic yummy!) and some kind of Indian cooked spinach on top. Another top notch supper on the road!

Standing on the picnic area where we camped outside of Alpine TX
Enjoying our dinner at the picnic area outside of Alpine, TX
Quiet West Texas Road
Noreen helps me with my road hobby: finding license plates. This is the 3rd one from NM so I didn’t keep it.
North American Antilopes
Texan flag and ranches: our new everyday life
The little town of Fort Davis
French yogurt for dessert
Last night sunset
This morning sunrise
The smallest Target ever (somewhere between Alpine and Marathon)
Mary and I goofing next to the smallest Target ever
Spotted in Marathon, TX
Our oasis in the county of Brewster, that is where I bought 3 delicious croissants (I don’t have any pictures of the croissants because I was too busy eating them)
The road between Marathon and Sanderson
Home for the night

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean Burden says:

    You’re wonderful. Thank you for the fabulous photos. Godspeed to all of you.
    Best. Jean B.


  2. Tom Lee says:

    In spite of some surly people it sure is a beautiful land and you are fortunate to be enveloped by it. The sky, the flowers, clouds, mini-targets, meals at day’s end… it all looks to be a great adventure. Love to all, Tom


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