1000 miles today!

Friday, March 27th – this morning we celebrated our first 1000 miles. We are now in Texas and after surviving the rough traffic of El Paso, we are back into the countryside. Tonight, we are spending the night in Sierra Blanca Historical Lodge and it is good to be indoor since the wind is blowing hard (gusts up to 40 knots). Today was challenging, we biked more than 60 miles with a cross wind and into a sand storm. It was a relief to get to the motel and enjoy a hot shower!

Crossing the state line between New Mexico and Texas
Somewhere in West Texas
Gas prices in Fort Hancock, TX
Mary and the piñata
We survived leaving El Paso, a complete miracle!
El Paso
We reached a 1000 miles in Tornillo, TX!!! Woot woot!!!
Biking into the Sand storm, wind blowing 40 to 50 knots in Fort Hancock
Fort Hancock
Empty trucker diner, but take out is still available!
Spending the night in Sierra Blanca Historical Lodge
Noreen doing yoga today on the road (March 28th, all the pic below are taken on this day)
We’re on a road to nowhere (pic taken between Sierra Blanca and Van Horn)
Headstand on the bike, boom!
Queens’ dinner: sautéed garlic, ginger and shrimps on shrimp flavor ramen noodles in a motel room in rural Texas
My road hobby is to look for license plates on the side of the road, mostly Noreen finds them and I get really excited. Today was Alabama!
Texas plate (I already have 2 Texan plates so that one stayed on the side of the road)
Leaving Sierra Blanca towards Van Horn

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pancho Cole says:

    One third of the way across, I guess Texas is the next third


  2. Vicki Fox says:

    you ladies are phenomenal! Looks like you’re having a major adventure – much better than being in quarantine! Take good care and send more pix!!!


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