Emory Pass, NM aka damn my legs hurt but the view was worth it.

Tuesday, March 24th – Two day ago we climbed Emory Pass (elevation 8228 feet or 2507 meters), and wild camped in Gila National Forest. It is bear and puma country so we kept our food in bags hanging from trees away from our tents. We had no humans nor animal visitors but the temperatures dropped down big time and were just above freezing. I wore two pairs of socks and thanks to Noreen’s stove, we had hot ramen noodles at night and hot beverages and oatmeal in the morning. Yesterday was a lot of fun since we went down the other side of the mountain and continue into hilly country by Caballo Lake. Well we had a nice wind from the back until it stitched to cross wind and biking became more challenging. Before we arrived ton the RV park we stayed last night, I went down a ditch to take a pee. As I am about to pull my pants down, I heard a whistling sound before I knew it I am running for my life. Right next to me (not further than 2 inches) was a rattle snake. Jeez they got my heart rate going. We are living so remotely from the rest of the world that it is hard to imagine what everybody is going through right now. Sending to you all love and positive thoughts (hi to Sydney and Connor who are homeschooling right now and reading the blog, I miss you!).

Inaccurate profile of our route
Santa Rita cooper mine, NM
We stopped in San Lorenzo to get water before wild camping in Gila National Forest and get cheese cake. Well also goofing around with the local installation.
Mule deers
Gila National Forest
We camped right next to this river (Lower Gallinas), I was super excited to have a water view home for the night !
Best dinner ever: ramen noodles with fresh cut garlic, greens and boiled egg. Living the life!
Staying warm
Almost to the top!
We did it!
Considering another ride…
Mary on the way down
Noreen on the way down
Spotted in Hillsboro, NM
Hillsboro, NM
Cross wind probably gusts to 30 knots, at some point we had to walk out bikes, the wind was pushing us to strongly off the road
Caballo Lake, NM
I sampled Jerry’s hot pepper last night at the RV park’s club house. As I am trying it in my noodles, he said “I love burning people assholes”… We all had a good laugh.

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