From Duncan, AZ to Silver city, New Mexico

Saturday, March 21st – We arrived in Silver city, NM this afternoon after some serious climbing. Tonight we are camping at an RV place which means we did laundry (woot woot clean clothes!!!), enjoyed a hot shower and WIFI. Life is great. Two nights ago (our last night in Arizona), we stayed in the small town of Duncan. I have a total crush on this town. We camped in the backyard of the Simpson Hotel, which was full of intriguing and wonderful art and sculptures. We had delicious pizzas from the Humble pie (across the street from the inn). The generosity and warmth of the locals made me feels warm and fuzzy inside. A man overheard us wondering where we could find beer, before we knew it, he went to his truck and gave us his beers. The next day, before leaving we had breakfast at Hilda’s and when we are about to ask for the check we are told a stranger already paid for our meal. Totally brought tears to my eyes, that never happened to me before. I am extremely grateful for Duncan, AZ and its wonderful inhabitants. Till next time!

Silver City, AZ
Elevation 5938 feet (ouch my legs and butt)
New Mexico
First morning in New Mexico, wild camping outside of Lordsburg
Duncan, AZ
Mary birdwatching in the backyard of the Simpson hotel where we camped
Enjoying our meal from the humble pie in the dining hall of the Simpson Hotel and free beers from Michael
Kitty love
Morning coffee
Just before entering Duncan, AZ

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