To going to bed with a full belly and a big smile!

Wednesday, March 18th – Today feels like a week. This morning we woke up in Peridot, AZ, within the San Carlos Apache Reservation and tonight we are staying in a motel in Thatcher (it’s supposed to rain all night).Last night, we camped on a rodeo ground next the camper of Don, Iris and Barbara. We met them the day before as we are just leaving Roosevelt, AZ and slowly climbing a big hill. We needed a tool for a quick fix and Don happened to be biking by at the same moment. He had the tool we needed and that’s how the conversation started. He is 80 and biking the same route as us! His wife Iris and her friend Barbara are following him on a camper. After we all successfully survived the climbed, they invited us for late morning refreshments and cream cheese bagels in the camper, it was a wonderful break. We continued our route separately, had lunch in the little town of Globe, AZ and met them again in Peridot, where they had set up camp. We shared a wonderful dinner together, Barbara made some amazing spaghetti with tomato sauce and salad. We shared stories, laughter and went to bed with a full belly and a big smile. The morning was also filled with joy and laughter. I am very grateful for the people we met on the road and especially for the moments shared with Iris, Barbara and Don. Another small anecdote about the road encounters: today as we are biking outside of Bylas, AZ, we met two cyclists going the other direction (from Florida to California), Bella and Tyler. They are from New England and Bella went to COA, the university in Bar Harbor and we have friends in common, such a small world!

The desert is blooming and it’s stunning
Noreen going down the hill with Saguaro cactuses in the background
Lake Roosevelt, AZ
Ouch my legs haven’t recovered from this climb
Sunday night (March 15th) we camped in Jake’s Corner in the middle of the cows. Best camping spot so far. Peaceful and quiet
Noreen and Don at the rodeo ground in Peridot, AZ
From left to right: Barbara, Don and Iris
The multigenerational bikers!
Best dinner ever (March 17th)
Bylas, AZ
Today (March 18th) was rough, we had a headwind blowing 15 knots and rain, not ideal conditions.
Encountering Bella and Tyler
On the road between Pima and Thatcher, AZ

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Noreen Hogan says:

    Wonderful to know what you’re writing during your 20 minute constitutional.


  2. Pancho Cole says:

    Wow, neat but not surprising you ran into a COA alum on the Southern Tier. I love the desert in spring pictures.


  3. Kelly says:

    It must be great cycling on the open road instead of quarantined! Not sick yet but we’re not supposed to leave the island unless we really have to. Beautiful photos!


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