Sonoran Desert and the beauty of rest days

Saturday March 14th – I am writing from the warmth and comfort of my tent. Tonight, we are wild camping 45 miles east outside of Phoenix. For dinner, we had ramen noodles (the shrimp ones) with garlic and spinach. Noreen boiled the water with her stove and we had a feast! It is great to be back on the road after resting in Phoenix for 2 days due to thunder storms and rain. Big thanks to Stephanie, Mary’s friend from high school, who hosted us for 3 nights and let us borrow her car to go visit the Sonoran Desert Museum next to Tucson. We had a blast and I learn a lot about the desert plants and animals. We also went grocery shopping and that is when I realized how cut from the rest of the world we are on this bike trip. The store had two security guards on each side of the aisle where is supposed to be the toilet paper. I asked a store worker what was going on and he told me they were rationing toilet paper, one packet per household. The more alarming thing was the lack of water in the store. Meanwhile, we are biking with little cell coverage and not much time to check the online world so we are really traveling into a little bubble free of covid-19. Of course, we clean our hands when we have access to water!

Sonoran Desert Museum (it’s an outdoor museum)
That little creature tried to steal my phone at the Sonoran Desert Museum
Mary and Noreen at the Sonoran Desert Museum
Celebrating Noreen’s birthday in Phoenix at a Mexican Restaurant
Sonoran Desert Museum
Phoenix suburbs
Saguaro Lake
Wild horses
Shrimp ramen for dinner
Toilet paper restrictions

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