Rain in Phoenix

Wed, March 11th – According to the locals, it only rains 4 days a year in Phoenix, we’ll guess what? Those four days are happening as we are biking through the city and its surroundings. Last night we stayed at a Warm Shower’s household in Peoria, AZ (Warm Showers is a app that connects cyclists with hosts). It was such a relief not to be camping in the rain and pack the wet tents in the morning. Instead, we had a delicious breakfast made by John and Barbara: scrambled eggs, home frie, oat meal, strawberries, coffee and even a dip in the hot tub. What a way to start the day! Tomorrow we are taking the day off from biking: we are driving to the Sonoran Desert and celebrating birthday girl: Noreen!

I am feeling extremely confused about all this rain in Phoenix
Mary hurt her hand today but she is a rockstar and kept going with a smile
Map meeting in the rain in Peoria, AZ
So much water for Arizona
Biking along the river in Phoenix

Today we had such a nice ride on this bike path along the “river” between Peoria and Phoenix

Phoenix in the rain
Peoria, AZ, a place that accommodates cyclists
Guest room sign at the Warm Showers’ hosts
Noreen in bike guest room
Because it’s damn right

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